3 Ethics takeaways from Judge Keith A. Kelly

Ethics play an important part in any person’s life. They can determine what type of person you are, and how people will judge you on that matter. The Ethics Club and the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business invited Third District Court Judge Keith A. Kelly to explain the importance of ethics and the role they play in the justice system.

  1. Witnesses. Witnesses, in his line of work, are an asset to the court, but who is telling the truth? The truth can make or break a case. You have to wonder where the credibility is. If you lack credibility, you often wonder what part of the story/testimony was truthful.
  2. Attorneys. Attorneys at the beginning of their career when they pass the Bar Association are told one thing, “You are a lawyer who has a clean slate, and this is the only time that your slate will be clean.” Once an attorney becomes dishonest or tries to pull a fast one on a judge, his/her credibility is lost. People talk to one another and word spreads about the type of lawyer you are. Be honest in your line of work.
  3. Witnesses Addicted. Witnesses who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol lose credibility altogether. People who are addicted need professional help.

“Everyone who shows credibility and integrity will develop happy, respectful, and meaningful relationships,” Kelly said.