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Undergraduate Ethics Case Competition

The Undergraduate Case Competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in a thought-provoking business ethics case that they could face in their professional careers. Teams of 4-6 students will compete first at the University level and then a winning team will be selected to represent the University of Utah in Denver.

Student teams will collaboratively analyze, present, and respond to questions posed by a panel of judges. Students will compete with teams from the other Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium universities. The experience promises to challenge students’ ethical reasoning, provide a significant networking opportunity, and in the end, raise students’ awareness of the importance of principle-based ethics.

The 5th Annual David Eccles School of Business Undergraduate Ethics Case Competition is scheduled for Friday, February 10, 2017, location to be announced soon. Dr. Abe Baksheshy, Bonita Austin, Jeff Nielsen, Lynn Suksdorf and Dr. Cole Holmes are working hard to bring this competition to a new level, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! The winning team will represent the David Eccles School of Business and travel to Denver, Co. to compete in the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative 2016 Undergraduate Ethics Case Competition in the Spring (date to be announced soon).

The application is due Wednesday, January 25, 2017. To apply, please fill out the application form.


Past Competitions


2015 Competition

Dozens of business students competed in the Eccles School’s 2015 Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Competition in February, but only one team took home first-place prize.

Six students who met through their involvement in the Business Scholar program — five of them freshmen — comprised the winning team, called Crimson 6. The six students — Cason Acor, Luke Freedom Hansen, Paxton Klein, Andres Lancheros, David Sagae and Kira Wachter — spent about 20 hours working together and at least that many hours preparing on their own in the two weeks they were given. They had to rebrand a company that had come under fire for marketing sugary drinks to children while marketing them as health drinks. You can read more about the winners and watch a video on the Eccles Extra blog.